martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

Grado Zero Space


Research on materials
Grado Zero Espace performs continuous research activity on the most disparate materials through constant analysis in the laboratory in order to figure out the limits and the peculiarities of them and catalogue experimental materials, not yet available on the market.

Muskin is a skin extracted from the mushroom hat and is processed in a manner totally similar to that animal, with a tanning, however, entirely natural. The total absence of chemicals makes Muskin totally non-toxic and therefore ideal for use in the manufacture of items that are in direct contact with the skin. From laboratory tests it has been shown that this new skin, delivers great performance. In fact, in addition to not promote the proliferation of bacteria, has a strong capacity to absorb moisture and then releases it. These two factors are very important: just think its possible use in insoles for shoes, or in a watch strap. Plus it's breathable and has showed natural water repellent characteristics.

The size, though very variable, is approximately 40x15-20 centimeters. Quantities are limited even more than sufficient for small series production.

The appearance of Muskin is very similar to suede but much softer.

                                                                                     By Cristina Gutierrez

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